Betancourt GLUTAMINE (105 Serve) 525g – Micronized L-Glutamine

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Glutamine for Building Muscle:
You will find this amino acid in many recovery supplements because of its proven anti-catabolic effects,
making glutamine an important amino acid for your high intensity exercise. Even though it is not an
anabolic amino acid, glutamine still provides support in building muscle and increasing strength.
Glutamine has the ability to support the prevention of muscle breakdown and promote recovery after
your workouts.

Glutamine and Muscle Glycogen:
For athletes looking to support his/her training, supplementing with glutamine will help you get the
most out of your glycogen, while promoting performance and recovery.

RECOMMENDED USE: Glutamine is a flavorless powder that is consumed in 5 gram servings. As
needed, mix 5 grams of Glutamine with water, milk, or juice. You can supplement with Glutamine
on non-training days as well to take advantage of its glucose regulating and muscle preserving


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